Alix Angjeli started her fashion career as a model at the age of 20, walking the runway for high end designers including Versace, Hermes, Balenciaga, and exclusively for Calvin Klein. She has shot with numerous fashion photographers such as Craig Mcdean, Inez and Vinoodh, and Emma Summerton. Angjeli has been surrounded by some of the leading fashion designers and developed a sense of style that is elegant and ever-evolving. Having been immersed in the fashion industry for years, Angjeli became inspired to start creating fashion herself. In 2017, Angjeli started making jewelry pieces for herself and began wearing them out to events. With the instant recognition Angjeli received, she began to pursue her passion by starting her own brand. She currently lives in NYC where she designs her collections.

Angjeli is a brand for the chic, confident woman; a woman that is strong and knows who she is. Angjeli wants to offer a platform for empowering women, creating a space for them to be bold at all times. With social media’s influence stronger than ever, Angjeli wants to bring an image to her customers that allows them to follow her artist development while creating content that is empowering and visually stunning.

The new collection is focused around hard silver, with well-founded, prominent choker chains wrapped around the neck. A dripping ring of paint splatters morphing into a rigid form creates a juxtaposition of flowing liquid into solid metal, which translates to our society’s feelings at present; our ideas and beliefs flowing into the world and solidifying our future. The strong chunky chains are protecting our bodies, uplifting our souls, and creating a strong bond uniting women.